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Tuition and Fee Payment

Use one of the methods below to make payments toward your agreed amount.

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Click the link above to complete the payment transaction.

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Access your online banking account then select the Zelle option and Submit Payment to 

phone number

(973) 563-5333

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Open or download Cash App on your phone and Submit Payment to 

phone number

(973) 563-5333

Liberal self-determined scholarships available.

SCHEDULE OF FEES:  The following fees and payment schedule currently apply.  All fees must be paid by the semester. 

Fees are subject to change. Every possible effort will be taken to notify you in advance of any changes necessary.

Class Fees:  Application Fee (non-refundable, one time initial)  $30  |  Registration Fee (per semester) Undergraduate  $50  |  Registration Fee (per semester) Graduate  $150

Late registration Fee additional  $20

Tuition (Per Semester Hour): Certificate $80 | Bachelor's level $80 | Master's $80 | Doctoral Program Flat Fee (see Registrar)

Audit Fee will be half of regular tuition per semester.  Textbooks, supplies and materials are not included in the above amounts.

Thesis binding $100                                                                 

Graduation Fees:  Certificate $80 | Bachelors $125 | Master's, $200 | Doctorate $200 | Honorary Degree $200                                                  

Application fee and registration fees are required at the time of registration.

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