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Summer Session: Begins first Monday of June. Ends last Monday of August.


Fall Session: Begins second Monday of September (following Labor Day). Ends third or fourth Monday of December.


Spring Session: Begins first Monday after New Year’s Day.  Ends last Monday of April.

AL 210 Financial Management   

AL 411*/515* Effective Leadership

C SC 101*Computer Basics       

CH201Biblical Interpretations    

CH 403*/510 Denominationalism

CH 404 Socio-Spiritual Change (Pulpit Preacher Pew)  


ECO 204/MS113 Economic Principles

ENG 105 Grammar Basics         

EV301/501* Intro to Evangelism

EV 305 Urban Evangelism  


GE 105 Nutrition                     

GR 430* Greek Introduction I   

GR 431* Greek Introduction II 


HIS 307*/502 Church History   

HIS 314 History of Bible            

HIS000 Apostolic to Apostasy   

HIS000 A.D. World History       

HIS 101 B.C. Ancient History    

HIS 102 Twentieth Century Hist.

LIT 203 English Literature I       


MS 301 Intro to Missions          

MS 110 Urban Ministry Planning

MS111 Urban Ministry Organising

MS 113 Urban Ministry Economics

MS 115 Urban Obstructionism  

MS 510 Urban Holy Observation

MS515/EV305 Urban Evangelism

MS 518 Urban Family Dynamics            

MS 302 Mission and Social Action


NT 104 Matthew                      

NT 105 Mark                           

NT 106 Luke                            

NT 216*/416*John                  

NT 211*/411*Acts                   

NT 323/423* Romans              

NT 309*428* 1st Corinthians     

NT 310/429 2nd Corinthians      

NT 220 Galatians                      

NT 221 Ephesians                    

NT 224/424 Philippians            

NT 226/426 Colossians            

NT 360/460 Thessalonians 1&2

NT 315*Timothy & Titus          

NT 314/422* Hebrews             

NT 317*/417*Peter & James Epistles

NT316* John & Jude Epistles    

NT 320 Non-Pauline Epistles    

NT 318*NT Eschatology             


OT 317 OT Eschatology           

OT 110 Genesis                       

OT 306*/405*Psalms               

OT 000  Pentateuch                  

OT000 Pre & Post Kingdom     

OT000 Hebrew Kingdom Reign

OT306*/406* Major Prophets   

OT307*/407* Minor Prophets   


PC 501 Ceremonial Services       

PM 410*/510*Preaching Seminar

PSY 203 Biblical Psychology      


RE 405*World Religions            

RE 204 Music Appreciation       

RE 332 Teaching and Mentoring Adolescents I (Mentoring)         

RE 333 Teaching and Mentoring Adolescents II (Mentoring)        


SOC000 Diabolic Distractions   

SOC 210 Socio-Spiritual Change (Pulpit Preacher Pew)                

SOC000 Civics and Citizenship  


TH 215 Healing Theology (Christ the Healer)                     

TH000 Hebrew & Black  Parallel 

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