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Eastern Theological Seminary

New Jersey Extension


Eastern Theological was founded in 1991 in Lynchburg, Virginia as a non-profit religious institute of post-secondary education. Since that time Eastern has expanded to include extension sites in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. ETS continues to offer a unique theological education that balances theoretical educational knowledge with practical skills in ministry.


Eastern theological Seminary, New Jersey began its first class in 2002. As a “Center for Urban Ministry” the New Jersey Extension is located in the urban hub of Newark, New Jersey, and an ideal setting for practical and experiential learning combined with biblical and theoretical classroom instruction.



Officers and Leadership of Eastern Theological Seminary

Parent School …

Eastern Theological Seminary

805 Fifteenth Street

P O Box 2288

Lynchburg, VA 24504

          Dr. Ceasor T. Johnson, Sr. - President

          Dr. A. C. D. Vaughn - Emeritus Chairman of Board

          Dr. Jerome A. Barber - Board Chairman

          Dr. Brenda Farmer - Registrar


USA Extension Sites …

(overseas locations not included)

           Baltimore, Maryland - Dr. Russell Groves, Director

           Newark, New Jersey - Dr. Bernard J. Wilks, Director

           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Dr. Stephan Jarrett, Director

           Wilmington, Delaware - Dr. William Sanford, Director

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